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The experience of living in a city.


/ pad /


A Home.

No place on earth embodies urban living like New York City does. Our goal is to find you a pad in the city that you can call home.

Where your friends and family can gather.
Where you can crash after a long day.
Where you can nurture your dreams.
Where you can feel at home.

Our agents have also chosen an urban life and are committed to holding your hand through the process of doing the same.


The Method


Our Story

Urban Pads is a boutique real estate agency that values human connection and resourcefulness. For over a decade, our clients and agents have been schmoozing in our storefront on Rogers Avenue in Prospect Heights. During that time, our team has grown into a diverse community of professionals who mirror our values of forging trust and open communication with clients. Landlords love how reliable our agents are and entrust us with exclusive listings for our clients to choose from.

At Urban Pads we understand that every great story begins with the right pad.
Let us help you launch your story in NYC.

Our Team

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